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Privacy Policy for Kendra Electronic Wonderworks


Our privacy policy is pretty straight forward, as detailed in the following sections.

General Logging Policy

  1. We log all accesses to our site via Web, FTP, mail and/or UUCP for security auditing and general performance measurement purposes.

  2. The general data collected includes information such as the date, time, originating host, and file(s) requested from our site.

  3. We do not attempt to track the access of specific visitors for marketing or other non-security related purposes.

  4. We reserve the right to use our security logs to notify interested parties of violations of our access policies, specifically including (but not limited to): Such interested parties we notify may include service providers and/or governmental authorities.

Web Site (Browser Cookie) Tracking

We generate a cookie that collects anonymous traffic data via Google Analytics, which helps us understand how visitors engage with our website. Google Analytics reports website trends without identifying individual visitors.

Like the rest of our web site data, we do not share the Google Analytics information with third parties.

Registration Information Policy

An obvious exception to the above policies of not tracking user access is our registration form (whether filled in on-line or sent to via snail mail).  Use of the information explicitly entered on the form is covered by our registration policy, which is documented as part of the UUPC/extended manual,

Rest assured that we neither sell nor publish registration information to any third parties.

Blog contributors

Sadly, blogs are SPAM magnets, therefore:

E-mail Privacy Policy

Because e-mail is a primary support channel for us, the more information we can share via it the better. Since we hate to answer the same questions twice, we share e-mail as follows:

  1. We reserve the right to copy and/or forward mail sent to our help desk to the general UUPC/extended community if a question or comment is of general interest.

  2. All submissions to our mailing lists (including UUPC-Info and Ki-Info) are archived, published, and indexed on our site for general access.

One Last Exception

If we receive a valid legal demand (i.e. a subpoena) for information related to our sites, we'll provide the requested information. This information may include logs and other information we would normally not share.

This page was last updated on October 11, 2020.  Copyright © 1996-2020 by Kendra Electronic Wonderworks, all rights reserved.

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