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Downloading UUPC/extended

Overview of UUPC/extended downloading

UUPC/extended is a PC based clone of UNIX-to-UNIX copy, providing batched mail, news and file transfer over serial connections or (except for DOS) TCP/IP links. For additional information on the nature of UUPC/extended, see the documentation archives, below.

UUPC/extended releases are numbered v.##x, where v is the numeric major version number (currently 1), ## is the numeric release level, and x is the alphabetic modification level. There used to be pattern to when what part got updated, but since 1.11a we've been going pretty much sequential.

General Download Information

Information via the Web

You can just browse the server download directories directly.

Using E-mail for anonymous UUCP download

As of September 1998, we no longer operate an e-mail server to send out UUPC/extended releases and other files.

We welcome contributions as to third-party servers which can be used for retrieving files via e-mail.

The Current UUPC/extended Release via the Web

The current release is version 1.13k.

Note: Only download one file at a time. If you violate this policy, you will be banned from downloading files.

Note: Due to abuse of our limited download facilities (a single site opened 15 download connections at once, effectively blocking us from using the link outbound), we reserve the right to transparently redirect all downloads through the FTP server, which is automatically limits concurrent access. Contact us if this impacts your downloads.


Get the documents first:

  1. Always get the manual, formatted for any dumb printer, and sample files.

  2. Optionally, also get the Word for Windows document source files for the 1.13k manual.

    If you get the Word for Windows documents source and don't have a compatible word processor but do have Windows, you can download a free Word for Windows file browser/printer directly from www.Microsoft.com. (Yes, Microsoft is giving away software. Scary, isn't it?)

  3. Or, also get the manual, formatted for a Post Script printer loaded with 8.5x11 inch paper. This archive does not include the sample files.

    You can browse a somewhat mangled copy of the manual on-line as HTML. Word for Windows, alas, did a lousy job of converting things like cross references, boxes and some tables, but it is readable once you get past the table of contents.

Binary archives for DOS, OS/2, and 32-bit Windows

Once you have the documents, get the executable archives for your environment. Most environments have three archives:

  1. MS-DOS archive one, archive two and archive three.

  2. OS/2 2.x and Warp (32 bit) archive one, archive two and archive three.

  3. Windows NT and Windows 95 archive one, archive two and archive three.

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